The weather in Gozo is distinctively Mediterranean with calm and sunny conditions prevailing through most months, thus ensuring it is the ideal destination for a winter break in the sun as well as a summer vacation. 
Winter – (November to February) is cool with regular sunny intervals and the odd thunderstorm. Temperatures can drop to 4 degrees at night so winter clothing is a must. Divers will enjoy the fact that the sea temperature maintains its 16 degree average, meaning it is still possible to head out into the water.
Spring – (March to May) brings sunny days with the odd shower or overcast sky and a gentle breeze. Warm weather clothing can be worn but long-sleeved options are still advisable, especially in the evenings.
Summer – (June to August) is scorching, with temperatures often rising into the 30s or 40s. Light clothing and plenty of sun protection is advised, especially if you will be heading outdoors to explore.
Autumn – (September to November) sees the temperature dwindle, although the tail end of summer can still be hot. Expect the odd, powerful storm, some rain and plenty of sunshine. A mixed bag of clothing options is advised !