Gozo isn’t just an island, it’s a land that’s alive with the passion and zealousness of its people; a region that’s bedecked with an amazing past, a colourful culture and a captivating sense of community.
Gozo’s geology boasts dramatic coastlines, sandy beaches and sleepy villages – each with their own delightful character. The countryside here is certainly greener than in Malta, with more open spaces and obvious signs of nature. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is effervescent, offering holidaymakers numerous options to fill their days. After all, the islands enjoy a number of world-class eateries, pubs and clubs, a variety of shopping malls, open-air markets and boutiques, numerous historical, cultural and religious sites of interest and a people who welcome visitors with a friendly smile and a willingness to share their home.
Often known as Calypso’s Isle, a sense of mystery and magic envelopes the island and its history makes it beguiling. Aside from the crystal blue seas that surround it and the expansive sandy beaches that typify it, Gozo has also been voted one of the best places in the world for diving holidays, attracting thousands of divers each year.  
Moreover, Gozo has a diverse and rich cultural calendar ranging from the colourful festas to the renowned operas. A full cultural calendar for 2018 can be accessed here.
Loved by visitors from around the world, Gozo truly is an unforgettable experience.