While exploring the Ta’ Cenc region look out for the following:
  • Cart ruts are traces of parallel ruts said to have been created by the huge rocks dragged by Neolithic men. You will find them by walking along the promenade between the swimming pools, following the stone wall towards the cliffs to the end and turning right.
  • The majestic Ta’ Cenc Cliffs create one of the most beautiful views in the Maltese Islands. Follow the path from between the swimming pools to marvel at the 140m of white globigerina limestone that descends into the sea.
  • The remains of Neolithic Dolmens can be found in several spots across Ta’ Cenc although, sadly, none of them are completely intact and still standing. Find them en-route from the promenade, turning left after the swimming pools, next to the tree on the road.
  • The tower at the entrance to the hotel has become one of Hotel Ta’ Cenc’s trademarks. The building was originally used as a lime kiln creating a base for whitewashing buildings. This particular type of tower is referred to as ‘Kalkara tal-Gir’.